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Most recent opportunities

  1.  M.Sc. or Ph.D. students One vacancy. My laboratory recruits enthusiastic individuals (either male or female) interested in conducting research on medicinal chemistry. I am looking for a student with a strong background in molecular biology and screening assays.

    • I require strong verbal and written communication skills.

    • Applicants should also possess time-organization skills.

    • Good laboratory practices (GLP) knowledge.

  2. Postdoctoral fellow. The Postdoctoral Diversity Enrichment Program (PDEP) supports the career development activities for postdoctoral fellows within underrepresented groups at a degree-granting institution in Canada whose training and professional development are guided by mentors committed to helping them advance to stellar careers in biomedical or medical research. Eligibility:

    • Must have no more than 48 months of postdoctoral research experience at the time of application.

    • Must be within an underrepresented group (i.e. American Indian or Alaska Native, Black or African American, Hispanic or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander).

    • Must be citizens of the US or Canada (sorry, no exceptions).

    • Internal application deadline: December 20th, 2023.

If you are interested and only if you meet the requirements described above, use this section to submit your application.

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The Advanced Research on Transcription Factors Group (ARTG) is comprised of an interdisciplinary team from a variety of backgrounds including synthetic organic chemistry, molecular modeling, cell biology, and pharmacology.

All members of the ARTG are expected to demonstrate solid research and academic background. Upon hiring, students and postdoctoral fellows are expected to show professionalism and conduct themselves in a manner that contributes positively to an environment in which respect, civility, gender diversity, and inclusiveness are valued.

However, if you are currently a graduate student who will consider joining the ARTG in the near future, please subscribe to our site to receive first-hand updated news and job opportunities immediately after they are posted. There is no need to apply right now.

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Graduate studies

Minimum ARTG requirements

(please read carefully)

Graduate student (M.Sc. degree)

  1. B.Sc. degree in organic chemistry or molecular modeling. If you have a degree in any other area, please inquire before submitting your application. 

  2. GPA = 3.5 or above.

  3. Critical thinking skills.

  4. Effective time-management skills.

  5. Applicants are expected to show initiative and problem-solving skills.

Graduate student (Ph.D. degree)

  1. B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree in organic chemistry or molecular modeling.

  2. GPA = 3.5 or above.

  3. Applicants with peer-reviewed publications during their M.Sc. degree will be ranked higher.

  4. Critical thinking skills.

  5. Effective time-management skills.

  6. Applicants are expected to demonstrate leadership and problem-solving skills.

Postdoctoral fellow (PDF)

  1. Ph.D. degree in organic chemistry, molecular modeling, or any area relevant to medicinal chemistry.

    • The graduation date should be within the last two years.

  2. A successful track record of scientific publications during the applicant's Ph.D. degree.

    • As a general guideline, it is considered acceptable at least one publication per year in peer-reviewed journals relevant to medicinal chemistry. Applicants with lower research productivity may be considered only if their work is truly innovative (high impact factor journals), or there is a reasonable justification (i.e. pending patents; company-based research; sick/maternity/paternity leaves, etc.)

  3. Critical thinking skills.

  4. Effective time-management skills.

  5. Ability to work with minimal supervision.

  6. Applicants are expected to show initiative and problem-solving skills.

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